The Josh S. Rose
All-Black Mask

In partnership with black & white photographer/artist, Josh S. Rose, this unique stealth design was created in an effort to bring artists and collaborators back together, safely and responsibly.

only $10

Artist Statement

"Like so many others, I've been deeply affected by the pandemic and unrest. As an artist who works closely with other creative people, it's really taken a toll. I miss the collaborations and easy flow of ideas. Helping design a mask was a release for me. It helped fill some time, but also a mask is a symbol of how we will continue to be able to work and create in safety. I can't think of anything I'd rather put my name on than an object that allows us to come back together and create. I'm really excited for how it came out. I hope people wear it in good health and creativity."

                          - Josh S. Rose

Highest-Rated, Non-Medical Protection Against Bacteria

Aside from the good looks, these masks are tested and certified to follow the recommendations from the CDC and WHO, with an antimicrobial outer layer and two soft cotton inner layers. They also feature an integrated, bendable nose bridge and tight stretchy ear loops.

All-Day Comfort

The reNEU mask has already become a staple in the retail and food industry for its soft, comfortable feel and breathability that gives it an all-day wearability.

Whatever your thing is, stay safe and protected with a mask that feels great, looks great and that you're confident is doing its job, while you do yours.