Top 3 Key Things to Look for in a Reusable Face Mask

Top 3 Key Things to Look for in a Reusable Face Mask

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused us to face a new reality, including wearing a face mask when we go out in public. The CDC recommends wearing a mask, and some studies show that masks may reduce the virus spread by 85 percent.

Before you get a mask, you need to make sure you get one of high quality to improve your protection. Here are the key things you should look for when you buy a reusable face mask.

1. The Type of Fabric Matters

Each fabric has different spacing between yarns, so some fabrics have bigger holes while some have smaller. This means that you want to use a fabric that has "smaller holes" to be more effective against coronavirus. The larger holes can let more droplets filled with the virus through. 

You want to find a mask that has dense and tightly woven fabrics. This means you should look for high thread count cotton or canvas. These are tighter fabrics.

Lighter cotton, like t-shirt material, may be easier to breathe through if someone has breathing problems. Some knits do stretch over time, however, so this can cause issues with protection after multiple washes.

Bandanas are also loosely woven, and may not provide the highest level of protection according to another study.

2. Triple Layers Make a Difference

Studies show that multiple layers of fabric can increase the filtration of virus particles. However, it can be harder to breathe if the masks are layered too much. This is why you should look for the perfect blend of breathability and filtration like these masks.

Masks with a heavy layer of cotton and a thinner layer of cotton are an effective design. 

3. Get the Right Fit

Fabric type and quality of the reusable face masks are important, and so is the fit. The mask needs to fit snugly over your mouth and nose without any gaps. If there is any space, the virus could pass through.

The mask should be secured with ear loops or ties, whichever is more comfortable for you. The mask also needs to cover the side of your face. It needs to be snug, but still comfortable, so you are not constantly touching your mask.

Finding a Reusable Face Mask

Now you know what to look for in a reusable face mask, make sure you look for ones that can easily be washed and are comfortable to wear. It's important to have multiple layers for additional filtration. 

In order for the masks to be the most effective, it's important to keep social distancing, washing your hands, and following other precautions. Wash your masks regularly after use, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth when you remove your mask. 

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