The Top 3 Different Types of Face Masks

Choosing a mask to protect yourself and others can be difficult when there are so many options out there. How do you wade through all the research and different opinions?

Fortunately, with a variety of face masks available, there are some basic ways that you can decide. Here are the top 3 different types of face masks to make your decision easier.

1. Full Coverage

The WHO updates its recommendations about when and how to wear masks as new information comes to light. They specify that a waterproof outer layer is ideal, as well as masks with three layers total.

Our Daily Masks fit these recommendations exactly. They're designed to wear every day so that you can protect yourself and others. Your mask should fully cover your mouth and nose without gaps.

As new coronavirus cases spike, states are increasing their mask-wearing recommendations. Choose a mask that helps protect yourself and others as much as possible, like ours with the added antimicrobial protection.

2. Close Fit

If you're asking yourself, "Which face mask should I wear?" the answer is one that fits close around your face. Masks that are designed for a perfect fit around your nose and mouth are best.

Face masks help prevent you from being infected as well as preventing your droplets from reaching other people. Yet droplets can enter or escape through gaps in the sides, top or bottom of the mask. That's why a close fit is important.

One way to get that perfect fit is to find masks with adjustable ear loops. Because everyone's face is a slightly different shape, adjusting the ear loops helps ensure the right fit for you.

3. Different Types of Face Masks with Character

You'll find plenty of face mask options with different designs for your personality. Customizing your mask is one way to brighten your day and inspire others. While the mental health ramifications of a global pandemic are significant, anything you can do to promote wellness can help counteract the crisis.

Choose a fun camouflage pattern, a fashionable tie-dye set, or a patriotic American flag mask. You can even get a 3-pack if you will be out in public a lot.

It's recommended that you wash your mask after every use, so having a spare or two will make it possible to follow these guidelines. The CDC specifies how to wash your face mask to ensure that it's disinfected and ready for the next use.

reNEU Daily Face Mask white inside and black outside

Protecting Yourself and Others

Doing your part to help end the global health crisis and keep everyone healthy means wearing a mask. While there are many different types of face masks to choose from, if you choose one of the options above, you'll be sure to comply with government guidelines.

From daily masks with an adjustable nose bridge to adjustable ear loops and fun colors, your mask should reflect your personality as it works to protect you and those around you.

Take a look at all of our mask options when you visit the rest of our website today.