reNEU EARTH Gives Away Masks on Skid Row

From the beginning, we at reNEU EARTH have been dedicated to providing high quality non medical face masks to those in need. We've donated to hospitals, schools, health facilities and much more. In fact, we've given away just as many masks as we've sold. This is why we are proud to say that when you buy a mask from us, you also give a mask. And we believe that's both the right thing to do as well as a pretty good reason to purchase from reNEU EARTH over any other brand. 

But when you dedicate yourself to protecting others, as we have, it's important to take the job seriously. We would only do this if we believed 100% in our product. With three protective layers and an antimicrobial and waterproof outer layer, we know our product can deliver on the promise. And we test and certify our masks for everyone's peace of mind.

It's with all of this as a backdrop that we ended up down at Skid Row, in Los Angeles, CA. We met Heather Edney, Communications Director at Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles, and she brought us over to the ReFresh Spot - a public facility in the heart of Skid Row that provides showers, laundry, counseling and community to those experiencing homelessness in the country's most prominent and notorious reminder of one of our nation's most pressing social issues.

It's here, in the epicenter of the crisis, where fears of COVID-19 are felt deepest. A facility like ReFresh Spot relies on person-to-person interaction in order to succeed and that's a tenuous situation in the midst of a pandemic. The staff at ReFresh Spot reminded us that they do not have the luxury of closing down and so creating a safe way for them to continue to do their jobs was our first job.

We handed out masks to staff. They said the masks felt great (one staff member said, "It feels like it's hugging my face!"), they also liked that we offered both smaller and larger sizes, and they were especially fond of the three layers, antimicrobial properties and the reusability of them. 

We then left a big box of masks for them to hand out to their clients through the week. Just a few days on, we've already heard back that people are loving them. As we said, it's been our mission from the beginning to be part of the larger solution. We truly believe in the power of working together toward health and wellness. To be able to work with and add a little bit to such a great organization, doing the hard work in Skid Row, it was truly our pleasure. Photos taken by our own photographer-in-residence, Josh S. Rose: