How to Maintain Social Distancing at Work

Did you know that when someone with COVID-19 speaks, laughs, coughs, etc. in a room without a mask on, the virus can stay in the air for up to three hours

social distancing at work

Three hours is a long time, especially when you need to share a space at work, for example. Luckily, there are a number of ways to lower your risk of contracting the virus. Social distancing at work is one of them.

In some work environments, it can be difficult to maintain that safe social distance. If this is a challenge for you, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out how to social distance at work when you have no choice but to be close to people for extended periods of time. 

Wear a Mask

It can be difficult to maintain social distance at work at all times of the day because people are constantly walking back and forth, and you are working within the confines of an office. If this is the case at your job, fear not; one of the most effective ways of preventing COVID-19 from getting to you is by consistently wearing a mask. Make sure that your mask is thick enough and made well enough that it will protect you from the virus, and never take it off while you are indoors. 

Be Clear 

Always assert yourself when it comes to COVID-19 safety. If a coworker comes too close and you feel uncomfortable, don't be afraid to ask them to take a couple of steps back. If someone is not wearing a mask, don't hesitate to ask them to put one on—after all, masks are most effective when everyone is wearing one. 

Alternate Schedule

Because social distancing at work can be tricky, consider working on an alternate schedule. That way, you will be in the office with fewer people, which will decrease your risk of falling ill. If this isn't a possibility, inquire about working from home if your line of work allows it.

Disinfect Your Space

Disinfect your space every day when you get to the office. Wear disposable gloves and grab a disinfectant cleaner to wipe down your desk, computer, phone, and any other surface you touch on a regular basis. Remember that regardless of how well you clean, don't touch your face, and wash your hands with soap and water regularly. 

Eat Outside

The only time of day when you should take your mask off at work is at mealtime. Don't let lunch be what lands you at home sick though. Grab your lunch and take it outside before removing your mask. Eat in the fresh air at a safe distance from other people.

If it is too cold or rainy to sit outside, take your lunch to your car, or find a secluded space indoors. 

Social Distancing at Work Is Easy and Important

Social distancing at work can be hard because of the number of people who work in the office and the close proximity at which they sit. Taking the precautions discussed above, however, will significantly decrease your risk of getting sick while at work. Be sure to take these tips to heart to keep you and those around you safe.

Remember that wearing a mask is the most effective ways to fend off the virus. If you need a high-quality mask, please contact us today.