How to Choose a Safe and Comfortable Kids Mask

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends children ages 2 and older should wear masks when out in public.

Kids around the world are going back to school, so they should wear a comfortable mask. Children should wear a non-medical or fabric mask, according to the World Health Organization.

With these tips, finding a kid's fabric mask may not be difficult.


A child's face mask, as well as any mask, should fully cover the wearer's mouth and nose. This is according to Unity Point Health. The mask should be snug below the person's chin and fall against the sides of their face.

It's very important to make sure your child's mask is secure. If their mask is not secure, it will fall off. If their mask is uncomfortable, they won't wear it. You can also try replacing the strings on your child's mask with buttons, that way it reduces strain on their ears.

You should make sure you have a variety of face masks on hand — especially if you have more than one child at home!


Younger kids tend to prefer bright colors or face masks with animals printed across the front. It is important to give kids choices when it comes to choosing their own face mask.

Kids can decorate the exterior of their masks themselves. They can color their mask with markers or cover the outside with stickers of their choosing.

According to NBC News, cloth face masks may be best when buying a face mask for your child. Face masks made out of cotton are safe for kids to wear.

Some children are eager to wear a mask, according to KidsHealth. Wearing a kid's face mask will keep your child safe from contagion. Wearing a kids mask can also make your child feel like a superhero.

Give Them Breaks

You should also make sure to give your kid's time outside of wearing a mask. By doing this, it may help them remain compliant when it comes to long hours of having to wear a mask.

If you are out shopping with your children it's a good idea to let them take their masks off. You should give them a break when they are inside the car, or you are far away from other people.

Covid-19 safety practices should not begin and end with strictly wearing a face mask. Teach your child to practice other safety measures, like physical distancing,

Where Can You Find a Kids' Mask?

Kids ages 2 and older should be wearing a cloth face mask. Children usually enjoy bright colors and patterns, and you should give them options when choosing a mask.

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It is important to tell your child they are wearing a mask to protect others and for their own safety.