Collaboration: Wendy Bellissimo x ReNEU Earth

With the news of COVID-19 breaking around the world, all we could think of was how to stock on face masks and sanitizers. From being a necessity at the beginning of 2020, masks have become the most popular accessory. Even brands have turned this bad break into a productive opportunity by adding them to the list of essentials. 

This pandemic-approved accessory is now as essential as a handbag or scarf one carries. The best part is that it encourages minimal make-up and saves you from not having to 'smile for courtesy sake.'

Collaboration between Wendy Bellissimo and ReNEU Earth

But the question remains the same: how to be on the top of the game to keep ourselves safe from the virus and flaunt our look simultaneously. 

Brands like ReNEU Earth have been putting in the effort since day one to bring you the most comfortable yet trendy face masks. They recently started creating unique, soft, and breathable non-surgical face masks but have been producing goods for over 25 years. They have had numerous collections so far, from their high-performance masks to kid's collection. 

Yet again, a new collection, a proud collaboration, was launched early this year with Wendy Bellissimo, a designer, an author, a proud mother of four, and a successful entrepreneur, running her brand since 1995 both in-store and online

We decided to sit down with her to get insights into her thought processes of creating this trendy collection.

1) What was it like designing masks for the first time? 

Wendy: Designing masks is really exciting because they have become a highly visible part of everyone's wardrobe. It's an opportunity to have fun and help people pull their style together. 

2) What influences or inspires you in the design process? 

Wendy: My approach is from personal experiences of what women need to feel stylish and comfortable with ease. 

3) We love the names you gave each pack; tell us how you came up with them? 

Wendy: When I'm designing prints and pulling looks together, I get a certain vibe for what that collection means, so a name naturally follows suit. 

4) How would you describe your overall aesthetic? 

Wendy: Elevated, yet approachable. Feminine with an understated edge. 

5) When you're designing masks, do you envision them with specific types of outfits? Or for specific occasions? 

Wendy: I positively envision all the outfit possibilities and even how the designs can transition into other seasons. It's my favorite part of the process. 

6) If you had to choose, which is your favorite 3-Pack? 

Wendy: A favorite? Hmmm that's hard because I switch them up every day to coordinate with what I'm wearing. But if I have to pick, I'd say, Million Dollar Baby

7) Any future design projects we should know about? 

Wendy: My home line is continually expanding into new categories, and I just signed a new deal for WB jewelry that I'm really excited about. 

8) Which mask is in your bag right now? 

Wendy: Today, I'm on my way to the desert to try out stunt driving, so I'm sporting the snake print from the Desert Dazed Collection.

trendy face masks desert mask by wendy bellissimo reneu earth


Masks can totally complement your mood and outfit! So rock reNEU EARTH's ultra-comfortable and trendy face masks to enhance that look you're going for. Wendy Bellissimo x ReNEU Earth collaboration is now available online

ReNEU Earth is currently running a campaign BUY A MASK = GIVE A MASK. Purchase your mask or gift it to your loved ones to help serve the running cause -