Can You Use a Face Mask Every Day? How to Wear a Mask for Every Occasion

It may seem like a long time to wear a mask all day at work.

If you've been working at home during the pandemic, you may be gearing up to head back to work. When you previously only wore it to head out to the grocery store, wearing a mask all day can seem like a chore. That raises the question, "Can you use a face mask every day?" 

Below we answer this question, along with giving some tips for the best types of masks in every situation. Keep reading to find out how often you can wear a face mask to keep yourself and others around you healthy and protected.

Professional Settings

When you're looking for the best face masks to wear at work, you have to consider everyday wear. Filtered masks and antibacterial face masks are the best kinds to wear in a professional setting, even if you're practicing good social distancing habits.

Professional masks should also go with the smart clothes you wear to work. Usually, dignified colors like blacks or neutrals work well in meetings with your boss or clients. Flashy prints and loud colors aren't as businesslike.

Anything with a prominent logo, unless it's your company's, is something to avoid. At work, you want to promote only your business. Because face masks are the first thing someone sees instead of your face, it should be the most professional accessory of your ensemble.

Sometimes at work you'll have to take your mask off and put it back on many times over. If that's the case, you may want to get a mask with a lanyard or chain to keep it around your neck when it's not on your face. This makes it easier to find and much more convenient when you remove it and replace it all day long.

Can You Use a Face Mask Every Day? Of Course!

The best face mask is one you can use every day! Reusable face masks give you an eco-friendly way to care for yourself and those around you.

While some institutions like hospitals prefer paper surgical masks to ensure a sterile environment, if you care for your cloth masks properly, they can help you stay safe. They are designed to wear every day, provided you wash them in between uses.

When shopping for a reusable mask, look for key factors like dense fabric with a high thread count. These tightly-woven fabrics do a better job containing droplets that can spread germs.

The great thing about everyday masks is that you can get cloth masks with fun fabrics. Support your favorite TV shows, book characters, and music when you buy masks with fun colors and patterns. 

Another fun way to style your everyday face masks is to go with the holiday. From Valentine's Day to Christmas, there are so many seasonal options to show off your fashion sense.

Stylish Face Masks

Although it's rarer than going to work or school, you may still want to go out with friends. Most state and federal requirements make it clear that masks are required if you want to enjoy a night out.

You can still find a way to dress up if you match your mask to your outfit. Find masks with glitter and sparkles to go with your cocktail dress. Dance the night away to some country music with a snakeskin or leather mask to go with your cowboy boots.

Some of the best face masks for Covid can still be fashionable. Shop for masks for all occasions so that you're set no matter the reason for your adventure.

Masks for Lip Reading

If you or someone you know reads lips or uses sign language, it can be helpful to find a mask with a clear window. Many businesses don't allow face shields or other clear barriers unless they are accompanied by a mask. Yet the need to communicate with the hard-of-hearing means that clear windows give an advantage for someone who is otherwise unable to understand.

Check with state and local guidelines to find out about alternatives to masks for special accommodations. For those who wear masks all day long, sometimes the straps rub uncomfortably on their ears.

Using a headband with buttons can be an alternative to hooking the straps around your ears. You can also try adjustable ear loops to increase comfort and fit.

At Home

In general, CDC guidelines mention that you don't need to wear a mask if you're with those of the same household. Yet there are a few instances where you may want to wear one even at home.

The best face masks to buy are those that are comfortable. You may need to wear a mask in the house if someone in your family becomes infected. When you're wearing masks all the time, they must have a comfortable fit and cover your entire nose and mouth to help minimize risk.

If you live with someone in a higher-risk category, you may want to wear a face mask at home. Often elderly parents have their own rooms or even a mother-in-law apartment that is their own space. When entering their space, you can take extra precautions by wearing a face mask around them.

Even if you're not wearing masks while at home, you still might wear them all day long. It's a good idea to create a space for clean masks.

This new accessory is part of your laundry routine, and most people don't have a separate drawer for them. Try clipping the masks to the back of your garage door so they are handy to grab before you walk out the door in the morning.

Protect Yourself and Others

Yes, you can you use a face mask every day! Be sure they fit well so that they help keep your friends and family safe.

Find a good fit when you buy the right size. Shop kids' masks to ensure a good fit for younger people or adult sizes for your other needs.