5 Surprising Benefits to a Reusable Antiviral Face Mask

Think about it this way: people who wear a reusable face mask have much lower death rates from the coronavirus than those who don't.

So, if you haven't bought yourself a reusable mask yet, then you are already light-years behind the rest of the population.

Wondering why you should use a reusable antiviral face mask? Read here to find out five surprising benefits to wearing a reusable mask!

1. Accommodating Sizes

In case you didn't know, most disposable or single-use face masks are typically sold as one-size-fits-all. However, one size isn't the best fit for every face. And that doesn't just refer to traditional sizing.

Some face mask wearers may prefer the fit of the cup mask over the pleated mask or vice versa. However, as long as you choose a reusable antiviral mask, your safety will be your first priority, no matter which size you choose.

2. Environmentally Sustainable 

We've all seen pictures of discarded face masks in the parking lots of grocery stores.

These are usually left behind for employees to clean, or else thrown in:

  • Gutters
  • Waterways 
  • Along the street

The truth is, this garbage doesn't just instantly disappear. Rather, it lays on the ground until critters, water, or wind take it away. Instead, investing in antiviral reusable face masks can help to avoid damaging ecosystems in the future. 

3. More Affordable

Although disposable masks may come in handy in the clutch, these masks can also burn a huge hole in your budget. That's because disposable masks are much more expensive than antiviral reusable ones in the long run.

Of course, this expense is doubled if you have more than one person in your household. To save cash, using a reusable antiviral facemask can save you both time and money.

4. Reduces Transmission 

Since community health is a huge concern, wearing a face mask can reduce the transmission of:

  • The cold 
  • The flu
  • The coronavirus

To prevent this, use an antiviral face mask to keep your family and friends safe. Not to mention that your diligence will keep your community healthy as well.

5. Easy to Care for

Last but not least, reusable antiviral facemasks are created to be washed in your at-home washing machine. That means that regularly washing them can reduce grime and germs like no other.

To be extra safe, feel free to wash your antiviral face mask in laundry soap and let it air dry. No toxic or harsh chemical agents are necessary!

Stay Safe With Your Reusable Antiviral Face Mask

Still not sure how to stay safe with your reusable antiviral facemask?

We've got you covered (literally)!

From its price to its sustainability factor, there are so many reasons why you should invest in a reusable antiviral face mask now.

Don't know where to buy a high-quality antiviral face mask?

To learn more, contact us about our reusable face covering products today!